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Bring Me Sunshine was written for children aged 10 - 14, and gives an insight into the issue of children acting as carers for a family member. A recent survey estimated that there may be as many as 700,000 young carers in the UK, with an average age of 12. (Source)


Sometimes, as with Daisy and Sam, children donít realise they are young carers, and just carry on doing what needs to be done.


If you would like to use Bring Me Sunshine as a resource in schools, contact me for discounted books and free activity packs.


The KS2 Activity Pack is based on the PSHE curriculum (with links to Citizenship and Literacy) and includes information, discussions, games, drama, writing and drawing activities relating to the issue of young carers. It is aimed at children in year 6.


Activities are broadly based around the topics of Young Carers, Who Am I, Memories, Rights and Responsibilities, and Who Helps Me?


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English Resources pack for KS3 students. Thirty different activities based on Bring Me Sunshine. Including:

Genre - Time and Place - Character - Theme - Narrative Viewpoint - Tense - Writer's Craft - Drama - Post reading Activities


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