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In Your Write Mind


"To be upbeat and emotionally disciplined while writing is the holy grail, and this author works to help you on your way there."


"Wendy Storer takes you on a journey, by the end of which you will not only be more  content in yourself, but you will also be equipped to write anything you set your mind to."


"This book is a little gem."


"Wendy Storer writes with a style that is so easy to follow, that is encouraging and a truly refreshing relief from other books in this genre."


"Thoroughly recommended! A must for teachers, pupils and everyday folk!  


In Your Write Mind: Creative and therapeutic writing exercises to help you feel happier and know yourself better.


A toolbox of therapeutic and creative writing exercises to help you feel happier, think more clearly, be kind to yourself, solve problems, clarify goals, uncover hidden beliefs, and fictionalise your life. Use these simple exercises as a starting point to deeper self-knowing, then change them, develop them, invent new exercises, or even write a book ... and have fun doing it!



IN YOUR WRITE MIND - available from Amazon 7.99