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Bring Me Sunshine
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A selection of feedback about Bring Me Sunshine from Cumbria University students on the 'Working with Children, Young People and Families' course.



“This book definitely raises awareness ... and is a good read for both adults and children so that they can learn about the challenges that some children are facing.”

 “This book outlines exactly what a young carer goes through and explains it in a way that can make you, as a reader, understand how every day is complex.”


“I felt that I understood how the characters were feeling, which made me want to carry on reading.”


“This book opened my eyes to the issues young carers face, and gave me a deeper understanding of how hard it must be for them, as they struggle with other issues such as bullying, school work and relationships.”


“This topic is a hidden reality for many children in the UK and should be more widely and openly known about.”


“Young carers do this willingly because they love their families and want to help out, but they may need some extra leeway when it comes to handing in homework and being on time, as they have much more to be dealing with at home that most children do.”


“This book would be useful to read as part of a book club as there are many aspects of the story which encourages deeper discussion.”


“This book … allows people to expand their thinking and empathise with people in different situations to them.”


“I feel that Bring Me Sunshine gives a deeper understanding of a young person’s emotions and what they may go through, and I found it more engaging than other academic texts I have read for my modules.”


“This story gives an insight to the challenges young carers face.”


“People are quick to jump on the fact that children are having problems, but never stop to ask why. I think this book is a good, clear example … of the lack of support from friends and professionals.”


“As our module explores the challenges young people, children and families face, this book is extremely helpful. Compared to other academics texts this book allows the reader to feel more connected and therefore take more from it. I feel as though I will be able to use this book to further my studies as it has given me a wider knowledge on the challenges young carers face in today’s society, and how these can be helped.”


“The book allowed me to feel everything that Daisy was feeling and face the troubles that she was facing.”


“Parts of this story are very moving and emotional; while reading it I just wanted to tell Daisy and Sam that everything would be okay. It proves that even people as strong and brave as Daisy can be vulnerable and may need help and support sometimes.”


“I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your book, it is one I will never forget and I know it will help me in the future with assignments and with future practice as a professional so thank you!”


“An insight into a family who are struggling with a family member who has an illness.” 


“Bring Me Sunshine shows how much children have to grow up when they become carers and how they are scared to ask anyone for help.”


“There were some moments which made me cry, and some where I had to laugh to myself.”


“Bring Me Sunshine makes you want to know more about the characters and what each person must be thinking … and how would they be feeling? … It really does give you an insight into what a young carer would feel like and how every day would be a challenge.”


“I often struggle with reading so academic sources can sometimes be a blur and difficult to read. Whereas with Bring Me Sunshine, you’re able to create images and pictures in your head so it is easier to understand and get your head around.”


“It examines areas of concern that, initially you would not think about, or think about in that level of detail … You become more familiar with just how challenging and emotionally straining life can be for carers at such a young age. It makes you want to know more…” 


“I think this story can also give an insight to people unaware of challenges young carers face. This child – at such a young age – has so much to deal with; she cares for her dad and is unable to do the things any normal teenager does, such as socialise, homework … this effects her education and her social and emotional development.”


“I have thought about what happened to those children ever since…”


“Bring Me Sunshine has really opened my eyes that little bit more.”


Thanks to all those students who gave up your valuable time to write me such kind and thoughtful letters.


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